20 BEST Water Balloons Games For Kids (2021)

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Water Balloons being filled up in a bucket.
Fill 'em up! It's time for some water balloon fun and games.

Sometimes summer fun at home is the best kind of fun. And on a hot summer day, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned fun with water balloons.

We found 20 fun water balloon games your kids will love this summer. Have a water balloon theme day, or spread them out throughout the summer!

For a variation to any of these games, fill up your water balloons with shaving cream instead. It will make them lightweight, easier to handle, and they don't pop as easily, making it a good option for younger kids.

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1. Water Balloon Toss Game

Stand across from your partner and try to toss and catch the water balloon. Take a step back between each turn, and see how far you can make it! For each successful catch, you get a point as a team. If you break it, grab a new balloon and start over.

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2. Water Balloon Spoon Race

This one is easy, and it's so much fun for kids of all ages. Create a course (across the yard and back is fine), and have each child first try to run the course while holding a water balloon and not breaking it.

Then, kick it up a notch by having each player run the course holding a water balloon on a wooden spoon. It's tougher than it looks!

3. Water Balloon Musical Chairs

Have the kids sit in a circle and play a fun song for them. Have them pass the water balloon to the next player, around and around the circle, until the music stops. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the water balloon is out. Keep playing until you have a winner!

4. Water Balloon Hot Potato

This one is similar to musical water balloon. It’s like regular hot potato, but with water balloons! Have two or more people toss the water balloon back and forth while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever is stuck with the water balloon has to break it over their head!

5. Water Balloon Ring Toss

Have one child hold a hula hoop, or other circular object, and another try to make it through the hoop for points. Then, have the next player do the same. Whoever gets more points, wins!

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6. Water Balloon Back-to-Back Challenge

This is one of the best water balloon games, especially for birthday parties. Have two team members try to hold a water balloon between their backs and get to the finish line without popping it. If you have enough people, you can turn this into a race! If the balloon pops, you have to go back to the starting line. The first team that gets to the finish line without popping the water balloon is the winning team. This is a great way to team build between siblings or friend groups.

7. Water Balloon Painting

Dip the water balloons in washable paint and create a masterpiece like no other. Such a fun way to let your creative juices flow. You could even fill in the details with sidewalk chalk. Here's a link to get some washable paint for this fun activity:

8. Water Balloon Roll

Have the first person roll their water balloon as far as they can. Then it’s the next player’s turn to give it a try. Whoever rolls their water balloon the farthest wins. You can also try to set up some objects to knock down for a bowling game.

9. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

For this game, you're going to need plenty of water balloons to make it last a long time. This playground favorite is even more fun with water balloons. And older kids love it! am members try to hit each other with the water balloon. If you get hit by an opposing team member, you're out.

10. Fill the Bucket

You’ll need lots of water balloons for this one. Grab the garden hose and fill them up! Then, each person uses water balloons to fill up their bucket. Whoever fills up the bucket first wins. Simplest water game ever!

You could also work together to fill up one bucket and time yourselves. Then, do it again, and try to beat your time.

11. Water Balloon YoYo

Cut a rubber band in half and attach it to the water balloon. Whoever can yo-yo the longest without breaking their balloon wins! Supplies needed:

12. Water Balloon Tag

It's like regular tag, but with water balloons! Whoever is “it” carries the water balloon. If you get hit and the balloon breaks then, you're it!

13. How Far Can You Throw?

All players line up at the start line. The first player tosses it as far as they can without popping it. Then everyone else takes a turn. Whoever can throw their balloon the farthest without popping it, wins!

14. Water Balloon Basketball

This one's a slam dunk! Grab an empty bucket to use as the basketball hoop (any basket or box will do just fine.) Put it on the ground or on a chair. Take turns trying to toss the balloon into the bucket. If you make the shot, step back another foot and try again. Who can make a basket from the furthest distance away? Try it from different heights!

15. Water Balloon Easter Egg Hunt

Summer is the perfect time for an easter egg hunt - with filled water balloons, of course! Hide different color balloons all around your yard, like an Easter Egg Hunt. Let everyone go find as many as they are able to. Then, once they are all claimed, yell "GO!" and the water balloon fight can begin!

16. Water Balloon Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course in your backyard or another designated space. Obstacles might include running in between two balloons, zig-zagging between several balloons, jumping over a pile of balloons, etc. See who can make it through without hitting a balloon or getting wet. Better yet, time people to see who can get through the fastest!

17. Water Balloon Target Practice

Choose something to be your target. You can use masking tape or chalk to draw a target on the driveway, a tree trunk, etc. Next, each player tries to throw the balloon as close to the target as they can. You can also do this with an object like a soda can or bottle.

Variation: Water Balloon Number Target Practice - For younger kids, you can write different numbers with side walk chalk. Ask them to try to hit a certain number. This is good number practice for preschoolers!

18. Water Balloon Relay Race

Divide into teams and set out a chair for each team. Place a water balloon on the set. Each player takes a turn running to the chair, and sitting on a balloon until it pops. After they pop the balloon, they set out a new one on the chair, and tag the next teammate. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins!

19. Water Balloon Fight

When it comes to water balloons, there's really no need to be super-organized. Just fill up a ton of balloons, divide players into two teams, and have an epic water balloon fight! You can also have every man or woman play for themselves.

20. Water Balloon Clean Up Race

Make sure to pick up your broken balloon pieces and throw them away. The best way to do this is to make it a game and see who can get the most pieces.

We hope you enjoy playing these fun games with the whole family on beautiful summer days! They are sure to bring much laughter, lots of physical activity, and tons of fun.

Do you have another water balloon game idea? Email us at hello@mkewithkids.com.

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