25 Simple Shape Activities For Preschoolers - Free Printables (2021)

Updated: Apr 5

We know many of you are home with little ones, looking for simple age-appropriate activities. Let's focus on Shapes!

Shape recognition and discerning shapes provides the building blocks for mathematical reasoning. When your child learns to discern the similarities and differences between basic shapes, they are using the same skills they need to recognize the differences between numerals. So, essentially, shape activities are also math activities for very young children.

Manipulating 2d shapes also helps with fine motor skills, so you're really checking off the boxes with these activities.

Here are 25 super-simple activities to practice shapes with your preschooler. No fancy supplies required! These activities focus on 2d shapes.

(And yes, we have some free printables at the bottom!)

1. Shape Scavenger Hunt