25 Best Big Sister Gift Ideas For 2 Year Olds & Up

Becoming a big sister is a big change! To help prepare your new baby's older sister for their new important role and this life-changing event, you can give them a meaningful and fun big sibling gift.

Giving big sister gifts is one small way to help avoid jealousy from your older child and foster a positive sibling relationship from the start. We've hand-picked 25 of the best big sister gift ideas in 2021.

You can give a gift to the new big sister weeks or months before the big day, or you can give it to them on the day their new sibling is born to make it extra special. You may even give the soon-to-be older sibling a few different small gifts throughout their transition.

Some families tell the big kid that the special gift is actually from their new little sibling, which makes a great first impression.